Je t’aime Paris

Way way way back in late November we hopped on the Eurostar and headed to Paris for a long weekend. If you’re going to miss turkey and football on Thanksgiving you might as well be in Paris. Even if it’s cold and gray and rainy I think, “Paris is always a good idea*”.

Unfortunately I forgot (quelle surprise!) to bring our camera out and about with us most of the trip so most of our photos were captured with our iphones. Some of the best iphone shots we took were at the Pont des Arts where we (read: Rachel) couldn’t contain our cheesy tourist impulses and added our own “love lock” to the famous bridge.

Henry's Love Lock 3

Henry looking at the lock

Henry's Love Lock

Hilariously, we didn’t know if it was illegal or not so the whole time we were putting the lock on the bridge we acted like sketchy fugitives. It turns out it’s not illegal but it’s not exactly beloved by Parisians either. If you’re interested, I found an article about it in the Wall Street Journal after we returned home.

After fleeing the scene of our vandalism we hopped on a lovely boat tour of the Seine. Which was a HUGE hit with Henry because it was one the handful of words he reliably said at that point. We cruised along and pointed excitedly to La Tour Eiffel and of course yelled, “BOAT, BOAT, BOAT” to all of the other boats on the Seine.

Henry Lee Seine

Bonsoir! It’s off to bed for me but I’ll post more pics of Paris soon. And also more recent adventures from Brussels and Barcelona.

* I’ve been seeing this quote everywhere lately, especially on Pinterest, and it’s always attributed to Audrey Hepburn. But since I’m a huge nerd I wanted to know exactly when/where she said it. Usually people cite the film Sabrina (1954). However I can’t for the life of me find it in the script or anywhere else. It is definitely in the script for the 1995 remake of Sabrina in which the title character is played by Julia Ormond. And while I love the sentiment regardless, I’ll be a little sad if it isn’t actually something Audrey Hepburn said. Not to mention all the incorrect Pinterst posts (heaven forbid!!!). I’ve already spent way too much of my precious toddler free evening hours researching this so I’m moving on. But if anyone else wants to do some sleuthing I’d love to hear what you find.

away we go… belated

Lee 737

We moved to London 130 days ago. That is also exactly how long it has taken me to start this blog. I had grand visions of documenting our departure and arrival. Not to mention all of the glorious photos I should have been taking on our weekend adventures. But alas I am a procrastinator and I always forget to bring or charge our camera. And I have a toddler so all the things I used to do two months late are now done 4 months late. Or never, in the case of 1st birthday party thank you notes. (Oops!) Henry loved all of his presents BTW.

So going forward, I will try to catch-up on all the things we’ve been doing since we arrived. And hopefully include some timely posts as well.

Also I have no idea how to use commas or any punctuation for that matter and I tend to write long run on sentences. So please don’t judge too harshly (especially mom and Aislinn).

p.s. I have no idea how to blog or make my blog pretty so bear with me while I figure it out. If I wait until I learn Photoshop, CSS, and all the other things I should know you’ll never see a post.