Hung Out to Dry

Lest you imagine us to be living a glamorous jet set life in London, let me give you a little glimpse into our laundry. No, we don’t have a dryer.

Hanging laundry to dry

We hang dry ALL of our laundry.

When we went flat hunting we somehow overlooked the fact that the one we picked didn’t have a dryer. We thought it came with one of those fancy European washer/dryer combos that so many people have across the pond. Turns out it is just a washer. I discovered this little oversight on day two of our expat adventure. I spent the next couple of weeks grieving:

Denial – “There must be a dry button on this thing somewhere, I just need to re-read the manual one more time.”

Anger – “I hate London.”

Bargaining – “I promise to only use non-toxic, plant based, fair trade detergent for the rest of my life if someone will just add a dry button to this machine.”

Depression – “I have nothing to wear (sob), everything is STILL drying (sob), we will NEVER EVER be able to leave the flat because NOTHING will ever be dry and we will starve (sob), and someone will find us three weeks later half-eaten by Alsatians.”

Acceptance – “At least my skinny jeans won’t shrink anymore.”

The funny thing is I’m completely used to it now. Yes, we ALWAYS have drying racks hanging in our room. And sometimes we have sheets draped down the staircase and over tables and chairs. But they make great forts and think of all the savings on our electric bill. Besides, if we’re really in a pinch, there is a pub across the street from the neighborhood launderette so we can always have a pint while we watch our sheets dry!

away we go… belated

Lee 737

We moved to London 130 days ago. That is also exactly how long it has taken me to start this blog. I had grand visions of documenting our departure and arrival. Not to mention all of the glorious photos I should have been taking on our weekend adventures. But alas I am a procrastinator and I always forget to bring or charge our camera. And I have a toddler so all the things I used to do two months late are now done 4 months late. Or never, in the case of 1st birthday party thank you notes. (Oops!) Henry loved all of his presents BTW.

So going forward, I will try to catch-up on all the things we’ve been doing since we arrived. And hopefully include some timely posts as well.

Also I have no idea how to use commas or any punctuation for that matter and I tend to write long run on sentences. So please don’t judge too harshly (especially mom and Aislinn).

p.s. I have no idea how to blog or make my blog pretty so bear with me while I figure it out. If I wait until I learn Photoshop, CSS, and all the other things I should know you’ll never see a post.