away we go… belated

Lee 737

We moved to London 130 days ago. That is also exactly how long it has taken me to start this blog. I had grand visions of documenting our departure and arrival. Not to mention all of the glorious photos I should have been taking on our weekend adventures. But alas I am a procrastinator and I always forget to bring or charge our camera. And I have a toddler so all the things I used to do two months late are now done 4 months late. Or never, in the case of 1st birthday party thank you notes. (Oops!) Henry loved all of his presents BTW.

So going forward, I will try to catch-up on all the things we’ve been doing since we arrived. And hopefully include some timely posts as well.

Also I have no idea how to use commas or any punctuation for that matter and I tend to write long run on sentences. So please don’t judge too harshly (especially mom and Aislinn).

p.s. I have no idea how to blog or make my blog pretty so bear with me while I figure it out. If I wait until I learn Photoshop, CSS, and all the other things I should know you’ll never see a post.

8 thoughts on “away we go… belated

  1. I’ve lightened up on the grammar police thing and tend to write long run on sentences myself! Glad to see your blog, I think you are smart not to wait ! Cute photos of Henry, too!

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