I live in London. But I’ve just moved here and I won’t be here for long. I also live in Austin, Texas. I guess you could call Austin my permanent address. And before that I lived in New York, specifically Brooklyn, with an obligatory stint in Murray Hill. It’s where I met my husband. I’ve moved a lot. Which is why I started this blog, to keep up with all of my friends around the world.

I’m a mom to Henry. And I’m a floral designer. And I am/was briefly a lawyer. My husband thinks I should stop saying, “I was a lawyer” when someone asks what I do, but until I pay off my student loans (probably never) I’m going to include it. Also it’s the reason I moved to New York and I’m still kind of in love with New York.

Before that, I was chellabella. It’s a nickname that my best friends gave me in high school. It’s fun and joyful. It reminds me of my sixteen year old self – always ready for a road trip. Hopefully the blog captures a bit of that wanderlust.



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