Back in Texas, Back to School

Henry's first day of school.

It’s been a really long time! And a really busy summer. We (very sadly) said goodbye to London town at the end of June and made our way back to Texas. Following the great American immigration tradition it seemed appropriate to stop in Brooklyn for a few days before making our way west. We also enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July weekend in Liberty, NY with old friends before landing in the Lone Star state. Where we promptly ate Mexican food for almost 12 days straight before we loaded up the car (we have a car again!) and drove to Pensacola, FL to spend two weeks at the beach with Lee’s parents. Henry had a lot of lost grandparent and cousin time to catch up on!

And now we are really back in Austin. Henry’s “school” aka Mother’s Day Out has started and our almost year in London already feels like really vivid dream. It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were anxiously awaiting our visas in the mail and packing for our great adventure. And while it’s nice to be back in our house with all our old friends I’d be lying if I said we aren’t a bit out of sorts and unexpectedly homesick for London even though it wasn’t our home for very long. So get ready for lots of posts all about London and everywhere we traveled. Because I took about one million photos during our 9 month adventure and I want to share everything before I forget too much.

One thought on “Back in Texas, Back to School

  1. We are glad you guys are back, but also happy that you got to go to London , make new friends and even see old ones. What a great experience for you all. Plus, you’ve probably got the only toddler in Austin that says ” Please mind the gap” !

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